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Welcome to Meditation Warehouse!
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FREE! Meditation Success -- Five Daily Lessons
By Melissa Leath

This course is provided at no charge and is based on the ideas in my book and meditation package called "Meditation Made Easy Package."

What You Will Receive From This Course...

  • What you will receive are the most focused, practical, and proven secrets for getting started with meditation boiled down into a few short Lessons.

  • I've been meditating for over 30 years and found it to be very valuable to me as I've traveled life's journey.

  • Whether you're brand new to meditation and want to know how to get started, or you've been meditating, but haven't been getting the results you want--this mini e-course is perfect for you to get started.

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    After you work through your lessons, I'll also send you other information from time to time about meditation and personal growth that I think will be valuable to you.

    Thanks again for requesting this mini e-course.

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    A warehouse traditionally is a place for storing things. That's what we've got...a storehouse of meditation information! Take a look, and enjoy Meditation Warehouse.

    We have so many interesting things going on in our lives these days. But one thing really stands out to me: stress. And if you look at your life, you may realize how stressful each and every day is.

    Everytime a new event or situation happens in your life, it adds stress. Of course, there is good stress, as well as, bad stress. Getting married is good, but the major organizing and scheduling can be very stress-related

    If you are looking at your past year, how many major things happened to you? Let's say you got engaged, married, bought a new house and had a baby. Those are all great things in your life.

    But, they all carry stress with them. More than four or five events like that can really change your energy, and keep you on edge.

    Now, just imagine that along with all that good stuff, your best friend was in a bad car accident, you were downsized out of a job and your dog died.

    Now, the stress you go through just dealing with all that life experience really starts to add up. If you had been meditating on a regular basis through all those things, you were able to maintain whatever life threw at you. If not, you are probably biting your nails as you read this.

    "Meditation is like brain washing: For thirty minutes a day, I wash my brain free of worry, fears and stress."
    ~~Lilias Folan, Yoga Instructor

    This website is created so you see that meditation is an easy thing to do. It can be incorporated into your schedule very simply.


    Here's What We Have for You at Meditation Warehouse

    We have several pages in Question/Answer format (if you don't see your question addressed here, just click on Ask a Question), a page full of Articles dealing with different aspects of meditation, plenty of outside Resources for Exploration, as well as, a Free Mini-Course on Meditation

    We have Classes and Workshops available on request and a page with Current Events offered by Melissa Leath, the Meditation Maven.

    You'll also see plenty of sponsor information on the left side bar of each page.

    Enjoy your time here at Meditation Warehouse. We will be adding new information regularly, so be sure and add us to your 'favorites' and visit us often.

    Questions and Answers about Meditation:

    Question: What is Meditation, anyway?

    Answer: Meditation is a very simple thing. It is the oldest 'mannerism' used by human beings. There never has been a time that we, as humans, did not use meditation. You do it naturally and can positively incorporate it into your world to make life so much easier and meaningful.

    But if you don't consciously implement meditation in your daily life, then you end up meditating by default.

    Default? Yes, default. Have you ever been in class and after things got real boring, you ended up staring out the window? That was meditating by default.

    It is something that you do naturally. And if you don't do it on-purpose, then you end up doing it at odd times, that you cannot control.

    So, I guess you could say you let go of being in control by taking control. You actually have a say in what you do. But your mind seems to think it is in control.

    Just try to sit quitely for three minutes without thinking of anything....Try it....I'll wait.

    Can't do it, can you? That's because all your life, you let your mind be in control, instead of your true self being in control. It takes practice to let your mind know that your are really in control of it, instead of the other way around. But that is the practice of meditation. You evolve into it.

    So, as you start to take control of your mind, and redirect it, meditation starts to happen. You start to feel better, calmer, peaceful. Life becomes more fun and problems seem to ease up.

    Question: Do I have to sit on the floor like a pretzel and chant "Om"?

    Answer: One of my favorite questions. Of course not. There are only two things that I feel is important to do when getting into the best position for meditating: Keep your spine straight, and don't lie down.

    Keeping your spine straight does a couple of things for you. First of all it balances your whole body. No matter how you are sitting--whether it is on the floor or in a chair, or even a bean bag, it makes it much easier to relax because the spine holds your body in balance.

    Also, when you have your spine straight, it opens your heart to receive the flow of energy. You can breathe easier and fuller. This is an important aspect of meditation we will mention later.

    By not lying down, you will actually meditate. Just think about it for a minute. If you are 21 years old, then your mind and body have been trained for 21 years to know that when you lie down, you go to sleep. And it could take a very long time to get past that habit.

    Recline in an easy chair, if you must, but stay out of the bed. If you don't, you'll wake up in the morning thinking you meditated all night long. Believe me, you didn't meditate; you fell asleep!

    But you can meditate before you go to sleep. It actually will help you get a better night's sleep. But make sure you do it in another position or place. Then get into the bed after you finish your meditation.

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